salon owner

Hi, I'm Elecia and the owner of The Hideaway Beauty, and I have been a qualified beauty therapist for 8 years - I have also completed many additional courses such as lashes, nail enhancements and laser hair removal.

I became a beauty therapist because I enjoy meeting new people, and I love helping them feel better about themselves in many ways; whether it is through massage, or by doing their nails and lashes.


My favourite treatment to perform is brows and lashes because you can get some quick results that completely transform someone's look - And the "WOW" at the end makes it worth it every time!


massage therapist

Hi, I'm Remi and I've been a beauty therapist for 5 years, working 3 of those in a 5-star spa in Bath.

I now specialise in in massage therapies part-time, and can provide a wide range of treatments suited to your needs.

Since leaving the spa, I have trained in lymphatic massage - I love helping people relax by easing stress and reducing tension.  I have also learned a variety of techniques and gained wide knowledge in deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy, so I can provide the best possible treatments for my clients.


beauty therapist

Hi, I'm Trina and I have been qualified in beauty therapy for 11 years.  During that I have also trained to do acrylic nail enhancements and gel polish application.

I got into the industry because I wanted to help people feel better about themselves; after all everyone deserves to feel beautiful!

My favourite treatment would have to be acrylic nails - It makes you feel amazing after having your nails done.